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Taking anxiety out of the equation

Diligent Study + Subject Mastery + Test Anxiety = High Performance


iStock_000024524247-optimizedStudents of all ages can feel anxious at the prospect of taking an exam, especially college and high school entrance tests like the SAT and the SSAT. And while they might pay attention in class and study for hours at home, their anxiety can prevent them from doing their best on exams. They become more and more nervous as they study and then, on the day of the test, tense up and don’t perform as well as they should. When this happens, their test scores don’t reflect their true academic abilities.


Research shows that students with high test anxiety
score over 100 POINTS LOWER on the SAT. 1

Through our Confident Test Taking program, your child discovers how to manage their test anxiety and approach exams with confidence.  Unlike traditional tutoring programs that emphasize academic content, this program mentally prepares them for the process of taking an exam.  The evidence-based anxiety management strategies taught here will help your child minimize  test anxiety, stay composed under pressure, and focus on passing their exams. Moreover, the skills taught in our program can maximize your child’s potential for success throughout their lifetime. As explained in a Forbes business article on top performers, “The ability to manage your emotions and remain calm under pressure has a direct link to your performance.”

The Confident Test Taking program is presented as two 3 hour workshops over the course of two consecutive weeks.  All workshops are run by our founder and program developer, Dr. Cesar Leon.  During the small group sessions, consisting of no more than 16 students, Dr. Leon introduces students to evidence-based mental and behavioral skills that have been proven to reduce test anxiety.  The weekly sessions are dynamic and interactive, allowing students to practice techniques, complete group activities, and ask questions.  At the end of the program, students receive a workbook describing the skills and use it to devise an individualized plan to manage their test anxiety.

Throughout the program, students learn:

  • Cognitive strategies to manage test anxiety including identification and elimination of anxious thoughts
  • Physical relaxation exercises such as abdominal breathing, visualization and mindfulness
  • Effective study skills that maximize test preparation and boost confidence
  • Test-taking techniques that help them efficiently manage the testing process and reduce anxiety

After completing the program, your child will come away with the skills needed to calmly and confidently approach testing situations.  Psychademics provides the essential tools and training to increase your child’s potential for test success.

Give your child an academic advantage by enrolling them in this program today!



PLEASE NOTE: Our Confident Test Taking Program is currently being offered only to middle and high school students between the ages of 12 and 17. Please sign up for our newsletter to receive future updates about our offerings.


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academic performance. Contemporary Educational Psychology, 27, 270–295.